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Thread: 380 Transmission Problem

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    Default 380 Transmission Problem

    Hello People,

    This is my first post! I own a 2007 VRX 380...great car with 70K mileage

    All has been great with and I have had no issues at all except for last night..when I got home last night when parking in the garage...it would not move forward in drive- both the Park and drive light were on at the same time, when pressing the accelerator the engine would rev but not move---reverse worked so I was able to park it. The engine warning lamp was also on

    Checked it this morning- warning lamp is still on and it does select drive and moves forward- park light is not on

    Im not wanting to drive it until tomorrow to take it straight to a mechanic..anyone have any ideas what may be wrong?



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    You might want to remove the transmission fuse in the engine compartment for 5min, reset it and see if the warning is still on. Check the transmission fluid level, see if the level is correct.

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