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Thread: Getting iPhone 4 and Parrot VM3.2 to play music via car speakers

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    Default Getting iPhone 4 and Parrot VM3.2 to play music via car speakers

    I know that it works fine with my iPhone 4 as a phone but I was hoping for a way to play audio as well via the car speakers. Mine's a 2008 380 Series II SX. Anyone got a trick to get this to work.
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    I dont believe its possible..

    My bluetooth kit only works with the Front Left Speaker.. Weird thing with my HU is, When a call comes through, it doesnt mute completely.. It just dulls the music down a touch but still plays in the other 3 speakers.

    Bluetooth Streaming I dont believe works with the Parrot 3000 kits..

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    The Parrot only enables the front left speaker, even if it was possible you'd only have output from 1 speaker. If you managed to bridge this into the 4 inputs, it would sound terrible.
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    I remember with my old Nokia N97 I could do it as it had a built in FM transmitter or something along those lines but as M4DDOG said, didn't sound the best
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