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Thread: happened again!

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    From my own recent experience, the engine warning light will come on if you have trouble starting (crank with no start, stop, re-crank and start, etc), goes out after a few days if there are no further start troubles.

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    found tthe issue, while driving to perth from my home 300k away ,100k into the trip car went into limp mode,managed to get to perth,
    rang the car yard i purchased the car from,and they got the car and assessed it,
    the accelerator sensor was fitted out of alignment when built , and got to the point where it was not making proper contact , only arcing some times!
    it was replaced and is all good!
    they said this is only the second car they have ever seen,with this fault,
    as a mitsubishi dealer,
    they sold my car new.
    they replaced the lights as there was a recall some time ago, which this car did not get !
    found when car hishory was looked at on their records !
    total cost $0
    and repaired in 4 hours!
    car yard is
    john hughes perth
    can not praise the service enough!
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    It's always good to find a decent place to get work done. Kind of restores your faith in dealers. Congratulations.
    2007 SII VR-X

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