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Thread: running with the front timing belt cover off?

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    I thought you were not posting anymore Max....

    OP, you need to realise that you are way off the mark here

    The belt is not tight at any time, there is always a few mm slack somewhere, generally when the motor is running the slack is on the back side of the motor and the pre tensioner will hold it "tight"

    What you have is an issue with the pre tensioner, it is not taking up that slack, will be worse on cold mornings. IF you have had the pre tensioner replaced it would have been no doubt an aftermarket unit and that is where your issue is. Aftermarket ones are rubbish.

    Max, it is not a theory, it is fact, cams do not always, and mostly all the time stop off rock thus there are valves trying to close pushing on rockers and in turn the cam will turn, IF you were silly enough to cut the belt chances are unless your motor is on TDC that one or both cams will flick around until they neutralise OR valves hit pistons
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    Quote Originally Posted by MadMax View Post
    You do realise it is ok/normal for the belt to be loose sometimes when the engine is off, don't you?

    "all i want to do is get some photos and of it loose and get the whole lot replaced again and not at my expense"

    That should raise a chuckle with the mechanic!
    Yeah you would think but my mechanic actually suggested checking it daily and taking footage if it presents again and gave me much the same advise you guys have regarding running without the cover
    so I have been taking it off and putting it back on so far no real problems is acceptable so far so good
    The thing is when i found the belt loose it was loose enough that i could have almost slipped it off the front cam does that sound normal?

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