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Thread: Battery issue?

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    Default Battery issue?

    On 3 occasions I have had difficulty starting my 380. Twice of possibly all 3 times it was after the car had not been used for a few days. Starter swings motor as normal, but engine sounds rough (similar to plugs leads being attached incorrectly) and wont start. I have managed to start her by flooring the accelerator and turning the key. Had battery checked and it comes up A1. I know these cars are sensitive to even slightly low battery power. Could it be anything else? Once I get her started after these events, all is as per normal.

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    Most "battery checks" are a load of rubbish. They generally don't test the battery under heavy load. I've seen multiple battery testers say batteries are fine when they aren't.

    How old is the battery? If it's >2-3 years old, get a new one (unless you've done something like install a new radio incorrectly which might be draining the battery). Either an AGM or the biggest, heaviest lead acid you can find. The Century 75D23R is a good quality, long lasting and powerful lead acid battery - and they're made in Australia.
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    This is not a battery issue at all, the fact that the car does eventually start and runs like a hairy dog shows the battery is ok.

    The 380 Fuel Pump and Filter assy is 1 unit, most likely has never been replaced. The pressure valve in the pump is faulty and causing the fuel to run back into the tank, as they are a returnless system any air in the line has to be worked out the injectors thus the bad running for a few seconds or a minute after start up. Can also be leaking injectors as well causing the same issue of no fuel pressure at start up. Other than having a gauge on the system for a couple of days when it is sitting, can also try to cycle the key without cranking to get the pump to activate a couple of times and that will get a head of pressure to at least allow the car to start and then clear the lines of air. Have seen this many times

    Get a new pump and filter assy for the tank and most likely your issues will end there. Also make sure you test voltage at the pump when you replace the set up as there can also be issues with wiring to the fuel pump and the relay as well

    A faulty battery will still crank the car but it simply will not start, if you are getting a start but bad running is something else like fuel or similar
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    All the suggestions here are valid.

    Easiest way is to check the OBD code.

    I'll just add that the time I had similar symptoms to the OP's was when the crank angle sensor started going faulty.

    The bottom timing belt cover was incorrectly fitted, the wire was crushed and the code was saying that the auto trans ECU was not communicating...LOL

    How many kilometres has the car done should be the first question me thinks...

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