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Thread: Radiator Support and Headlight Check

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    Default Radiator Support and Headlight Check

    I promise I'll eventually give this forum something in return for all the assistance I've received.

    Just looking for a second opinion on some photos I took earlier. I've been replacing some trim and plastic pieces on the 380, and came across something I hadn't noticed before. (And nor did the pre-purchase inspector when I bought it.)

    My passenger side headlight isn't sitting right, and on the drivers side, the radiator support seems a little off to me. The metal behind seems fine, and the chassis rails or any surrounding metal doesn't appear visibly deformed either. The panel gap between the bumper, panels and bonnet are even on both sides as well.

    The passenger side fog light is cracked, and the headlight is pushed back, but that doesn't account for what looks like some deformation of the radiator support on the drivers side - although perhaps this is just a mark left over from the stamping process - where there are no other issues.

    Radiator Support (Left - Drivers Side, Right - Passenger Side)

    Headlight to Bumper Corner [Left - Drivers Side, Right - Passenger Side]

    I suspect it's simply the metal tab that positions the headlight is bent back slightly, which is fine, I'll just straighten it out.

    Headlight Support & Upper Bolt [Left - Drivers Side, Right - Passenger Side]

    I'm not overly concerned, the car drives straight and holds well, and from underneath it looks good. The paint isn't cracked and there's no evidence of a respray. As a matter of fact, the bonnet even has consistent wear on the paint with the surrounding panels, so I believe it's the same bonnet as well. Any damage to the radiator support would involve some damage to the bonnet itself, I would think.

    I'll have Mitsubishi check it when it's in for service next week, but I'm curious about that first set of pictures above, where it looks like the radiator support has bent at the corner. How does that look compared to other 380s?

    Perhaps I have an excuse to order those new headlights after all...


    ~ M.
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    That tab looks bent back a little is not hard to push it forward
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