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Thread: 380 front pads supposed to back metal backing plate?

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    Default 380 front pads supposed to back metal backing plate?

    My car did not come with metal backing plates on the front pads, only a material coating on them. Are the pads supposed to have metal shims/plates on them to stop squeal?
    If so, where can I get them? Repco and Supercheap say they can't order them in

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    Well, no they are not available separately.
    You are supposed to keep the old ones when you change pads, and put them on the new pads.

    No idea what the 380 has standard, I'd have to look that up in the workshop manual, some calipers have metal shims behind the pads, as well as metal protectors where the pad ears run on the aluminium of the caliper.

    A lot of aftermarket pads have a thin coat of material on them which replaces the shims.
    So if your brakes don't squeal, you don't have a problem.

    If you had bare metal brake pads, I'd suggest going to a wreckers and taking them off a wreck.

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