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Thread: Humm nice, just saw a 380 cop car! (bush)

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    Quote Originally Posted by adz89
    Thanks heaps for thar 'driver' much appreciated. They look fantastic as cop cars. The front end of that 380SX looks absolutely devine. I wonder what QLD police think of them so far.

    Good to see the QLD government is using them as cop cars!! I know the SA government has bought like at least 500 380's since launch, but, I havn't seen a single marked cop car (I have seen unmarked cop cars though). I really wish the SA gvt. would use some as marked cop cars - that way they really get noticed

    Once again thanx for posting the pix mate.
    They did look into using the Magna for all the cop cars, however fwd vehicles need to be driven differently to rwd at high speeds etc so the whole police force would need to be re-trained (very uneconomical for them). I think the same goes for interstate as well. The marked ones may be for people who have had experience, or they could be used primarily for non patrol use.

    The unmarked police cars that you can spot are also for other non patrol use in general, such as for the CIB etc. They're unmarked as they're not for duty cars, but they're not meant for undercover use either. The aerials kinda give them away!

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    it's good to see 380's being used for cop cars and I hope I see more in the future. I like the look of the back of them, very unique. ..

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