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Thread: Make A Donation and Support Your Club

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    Default Make A Donation and Support Your Club

    It is a little known fact that the Australian Magna Club Forums are run on chewing gum and shoelaces, and as such we always appreciate the kind donations we receive.
    Every cent donated by members and sponsors is put directly back into AMC to keep the forums up by paying the bills for web hosting, software upgrades, domain name registration, etc.

    If you would like to donate to AMC, your commitment & generosity is gratefully appreciated.

    Donating Member Benefits
    By donating $10 or more, you will become an AMC Donating Member and receive the following Donating Member Benefits:
    • A special Donating Member Icon, like this -
    • Be able to give yourself a Custom User Title, you can change this in your "User CP". Conditions apply - see Rule number 3.4 in the AMC Rules & Guidelines.
    • Access to the 'Donating Members Lounge' where you will get the following benefits
      Have a say in the way your club is run, voice your opinion, vote in poles, suggest new ideas, etc.
      Access to discounts from proffered suppliers
      Ability to win spot prizes at cruses and events
      Access to discounted merchandise
    • Access to 'The Pub', a MA15+ area where the traditional AMC restrictions are relaxed slightly to allow mature AMC Members a place to have a laugh and just roam free to enjoy themselves.
    • You will also get that special feeling inside that you've done something to help.

    Donations can be made in two ways.

    A. Direct deposit.
    1. Complete a direct deposit from your Bank Account to the AMC Bank Account - details below.
    2. Send a PM to GRDPuck and Red Valdez with the below Donation Format filled out.

    B. Cash payment to any AMC Management Team member.
    a. Hand your donation cash directly to a member of the AMC Management Team (AMC State Representative, Moderator or Administrator).
    b. Include your name, username and donation amount on a piece of paper with the payment.
    c. When you're next online, send a PM to GRDPuck and Red Valdez with the below Donation Format filled out. Please include the AMC Management Team member's name/username in the PM.

    ANZ Bank
    BSB 013-312
    Account No. 571505109

    DONATION FORMAT (to be included in your email or PM)
    HTML Code:
    [b]Forum Username: [/b]
    [b]Real Name: [/b]
    [b]Date of Donation: [/b]
    [b]Donation Amount: [/b]
    [b]Donation Reference: [/b]
    Forum Username: Jillbobwash
    Real Name: John Newman
    Date of Donation: 11.06.08
    Donation Amount: $35
    Transaction Reference: Jillbobwash (we recommend using your forum username and/or real name)

    We also have the ability to receive donations via PayPal, however would ask this to only be used as a last resort due to the PayPal fees. For the details please PM Madmagna.

    Thank you in advance, every dollar counts!
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