My mechanic thinks I'm losing my s#!t. Probably true, but this one I'm confident about.

Whenever I'm driving around I can hear this squeak or scrape that comes and goes with the rotation of the wheel. It's consistent with the wheel speed, if I accelerate it speeds up, slow down and it slows with it.

I had Mitsubishi look over it and they couldn't replicate the fault. The sound wasn't there.

I was recommended another repairer, who likewise couldn't replicate it. He suspected it was scraping where the pads had been resting on the discs overnight, but said the brake pads and discs looked excellent.

Yet later that afternoon driving home, it was back again. Was there all the way home too - about 15 minutes drive, and even when pulling into my driveway. I should say it's there most of the time, not just every so often, like "all the time, except when it's in for service".

It doesn't affect the road feel of the car at all, but I know something there needs work, and I'd be keen to know what it is, or at least what it could be.

I suspected something related to brakes or wheel bearings. The brakes are (apparently) great, so it could be wheel bearings, or something else.

Just looking for some pointers here on what to check, or what it could likely be so I can swap it out.

Mitsubishi 380 (Series 1) Automatic, 212000kms.