I bought a Sable TL VRX AWD a couple of years ago with only 101,000k's on the clock. I'm handy with a spanner so set about intalling Koni suspension with Lovell springs, Evo X Brembo front brakes and Evo 9 rear Brembo kit. I finished it with a set of TMR 380 19x8 ROH Flares and thought "ow it's time to think about what to do under the bonnet".
That's where MitFix comes in. I rang and spoke to Mal and Brendan about different options and of course a 380 engine upgrade with a 3.0V6 stall converter came to mind. So I booked it in and away it went. I also asked them to give the car a god looking over to double check my mods as well.
I got the car back and it is a transformed beast. It goes 0-100 in about 6.5 secs which is terrific and handles fantastic. And the stall converter allows the car to launch off at the lights surprising even V8 Falcodores...in the wet there is no competition.
So I had the 3.5lV6 at their workshop so I took my TF 3.0V6 5 speed Magna wagon to the boys at Mitsfix and they basically tranformed it. New clutch, new front panels and a chrome grill has given the wagon a new lease of life. I wanted to install new shocks into the wagon as it has travelled 280,000 k's and Mal suggested a set of Boge/Sachs. I took his suggestion under advisement and tried to source a set cheaper than he was going to supply me. NO SUCH LUCK! Mal's price was the best going around at that time so I promptly ordered them and the Wagon drives great. Handles well AND is smooth on our 'great' Aussie roads.
So if anyone out there wants to get some mods and parts my first stop would be Mitsfix..You can't go wrong!
BTW, still love driving my VRX AWD in it current incarnation...Beast Value for Money Mods around! Thanks Guyz!