My in-laws have a 2008 VRX which has only done around 50 odd km and the ABS warning light is on (most of the time). I have checked this with the warranty clerk at my local dealer and have been told that this is a "throw away" and replace situation - with a cost for the part of around $2k (plus labour)
Apparently this is not an uncommon failure situation. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
As the car is out of warranty, and as the folks are pensioners who are turning 79 in a few months, they have asked whether there is a less expensive way of getting around this problem...or what would happen if they choose not to do anything about it?
Sadly they haven't had it serviced by their local Mitsubishi dealership for some time, so they are unlikely to get any consideration of "policy" from MMAL, despite the low k's travelled.