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Thread: diesel engine first oil change question

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    Default diesel engine first oil change question

    hi guys, i need some advice about my wife's mazda cx5

    car is new, just at 10.000 kms , last few hundred we have the service time lit up on the dash. its a wrench icon.

    unfortunately wife doesn't have the time to have it serviced now and has to go on a trip tomorrow to drive about 2500 kms this week..
    i checked the oil and its quite black.. i guess it is normal for diesel engines to have such color.

    i am just curious if it is safe to extend the first service 2500 kms.. ? i'm a bit worried coz this will be in the outback, and if the car stops the results can be unpleasant. My gut tells me that a new engine would wear the oil faster till first service as the parts have more friction while things settle in.. i dont know..

    i appreciate your time.

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    no its not for a new engine
    its 10,000 km intervals and outback work would be covered under
    harsh-extreme conditions

    the car and engine are covered under warranty why risk that
    you cant drop the oil yourself yourself
    or fill it with non Mazda specified diesel engine oil

    outback or not
    what about tracing a mazda service point in line of travel
    or a place that is covered to do log book serviced for mazda

    Mazda are very particular about their service policy and warranty

    reassuring they are built at Hiroshima ..hummm

    servicing a CX3

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