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Thread: Rodent Damage

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    Default Rodent Damage

    Seeing as summer is approaching, thought I'd spend 5 mins topping up my battery fluid in preparation.

    Opened the bonnet and found lots of little footprints in the dust, which I thought strange.

    When I'd finished I decided to check the oil before closing the bonnet, and while doing so, noticed the air con hose which loops up on the left front side of the engine was rubbed away, exposing the metal strands under the rubber.

    I figured some apprentice must have used a power tool there at some stage to remove a nut and damaged the hose by accident, but the more I looked, the more I realised there is nothing there any mechanic could have been doing.

    I then noticed the grey rubber cap over the alternator terminal had holes in it. And one of the two gearbox breathers had been completely chewed through as well. Lastly, the thick soft foam which covers and protects the breather hose between the rocker covers was chewed to bits as well.

    This must have happened at work, because I leave my car outside, parked overnight - at home, its garaged downstairs and impossible for rats to get in.

    Google reveals in cold weather rodents often sit on the engine internals or battery to stay warm overnight, and end up gnawing away on things to keep entertained. They can eat out the wiring too causing $1000s damage, but I've inspected all of that and it seems fine.

    The gearbox breather is about $10 from a dealer. The hose between the rocker covers I can just buy some more foam insulation and slide on. I don't imagine the terminal cover on the alternator to be expensive.

    Worst thing is the air con hose, because if that needs replacing, the system will need to be evacuated and then refilled afterwards costing a lot of labour - and I find regassed aircon never as good as when it comes from the factory.

    Hopefully the dealership think the aircon hose is okay. How annoying. I don't see the work car park operator springing for the repairs. Little blighters >

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    Get some Ratsack and leave some in a semi sealed container under your car when parked at work and at home.

    From recent experience, I have found it to be quite effective..... 2 dead rats inside my garage near an opened Ratsack packet.

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