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Thread: Adjusting offset tensioner pulley for timing belt

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    Default Adjusting offset tensioner pulley for timing belt

    Hi guys,

    I am doing a timing belt swap (amongst other things) to an FTO motor.

    It has the same time of offset bearing to tension the timing belt.

    I don't have the tool to set it though, and the manual states it is to be set at 3-5nm which is basically hand tight.

    Can I tighten it by hand and set it as is without the tool?

    I suspect the procedure should be the same as the 6G74 albeit with 4 cams

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    I used two nails or two 2-3mm allen keys in the tensioner and then put a spanner or screwdriver in between the two and twisted to apply some tension, then locked the tensioner with the bolt. After removing the pin from the auto tensioner, spinning the motor a few times then letting it sit for a bit the shaft pin hole wasn't too far out from the body pin hole. It takes a few goes to get it bang on but you can feel what works and what doesn't.

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