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Thread: New host for AMC

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    Default New host for AMC

    Hi all
    Over the last few days with the help (well he has done pretty much all the work) of Leigh we have moved AMC over to my own host to ensure that AMC will live on as the costs for the dedicated hosting was getting a little much for us to keep on covering personally which is what the situation would have been if we were to renew the hosting this year.

    With the changes to my own host we have had to reduce the data base size quite a bit so you will notice there are a lot of old NON TECH posts which have been removed and also a couple of the forums which have not had any real activity in a number of years. We do have a full back up of these so if there was ever a need to re instate them we could (not that we can really see the point)

    The Tech areas have NOT been touched at all, these have and will remain as they are.

    Now we have completed the move we will be looking for someone who is willing to donate some time to update the web site for us.

    We need the following done
    Update the main page (Duh)
    Set up some sort of manageable gallery (again will be hosted on my hosting)
    Make some new banners etc for both the forums as well as the page in general

    The forum, as soon as we have these image files done will be finally updated to read Australian Mitsubishi Club. Will also be looking at a URL at some stage in the future to reflect this (will keep Aussiemagna as well for the sake of bookmarks plus it is sort of special having been around for some 14 years now)

    If anyone has genuine interest in the above please email me at or call me and we can discuss further
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