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Funny thing is we have tried many oils over time and settled on the GW oil for many reasons

In relation to 600ml over full, that would be about 3/4 of an inch above the full line, would not do any harm but that would mean that you would have had to put in over 5l of oil on that change out of a 5l container.

In addition to this, if you are checking on a morning the level will reflect differently to if you have drained, filled and run the engine to get the system full and then checked the oil as the motor has not sat over night to check
Thanks Mal, It was definetly over by about 3/4 next morning as u said. I cant imagine thats got anything to do with my issue though, but just putting it out there.
Economy seemed to be improved this weekend, I just wonder if it was related to the auto relearn that day from the battery swap. Basically the car had one trip after the swap before the drain and fill. I am confident that the Shell Helix Ultra is a great oil and will be properly protecting the engine.

As for brand choice; its pretty subjective. I know ur confident about the GW but it just doesnt excite me.