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Thread: k&n air filter and fuel consumptiom

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    Default k&n air filter and fuel consumptiom

    My 380 fuel consumption was slowly getting worse over the last 6 months - albeit bumper to bumper traffic i was getting high 15s/16s. per 100ks. Average speed typically under 30kph - strictly heavy traffic driving and no freeways.

    So on the weekend i pulled out the k&n air filter and it didn't look bad at all but thought I would try a fresh paper filter.

    Its early days but I am now getting 13-14 litres per 100 on my same work route -
    and on one day measured in the 11s!! Whats going on here do you think as I must say I am surprised at such a difference..?

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    I tried the k&n air filter, and found them to be rubbish the factory paper filter is far better and doesn't cost a fortune.

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    Interesting. I've owned 3 x 380s over the past 10 years, living at the same home and have always had the same ave fuel consumption within 1 litre. I installed a K&N and larger snorkel about 1 year ago and have noticed no difference in fuel consumption.
    Perhaps you (both rprodrive and Rob) applied too much filter oil? Or too little? Just a thought. Or perhaps me installing the snorkel at the same time counteracted the higher fuel consumption of the K&N.
    I dunno
    S3 VRX

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    According to bobistheoilguy these K&N filters (or these types of filters rather) allow more contaminants in the engine witness by used oil analysis performed.
    I only use the OEM style disposable filter

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