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Thread: 2000 tj exec soon to have the best out of vrx and verada

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    Default 2000 tj exec soon to have the best out of vrx and verada

    Hey guys Iím new here but finally have a chance to do something with the old stock standard 2000 tj exec I bought off my mother 2 years ago. Sheís owned this car since brand new and itís a 5 speed and still runs as smooth as the day she bought it.

    Iíve recently picked another 2002 thatís had all vrx gear converted into it, it was tboned on the front passenger side, itís a ride off but Has everything I wanted. Full body kit besides front left wheel arch flare (as the whole driveshaft is literally hanging out l, managed to salvage most of it though) and the front spoiler is repairable, black and red leather interior (driver seat needs a small hole re-upholstered)

    Iíve basically got the car stripped already besides the motor and gearbox which has only just been rebuilt and worked with reconditioned 5 speed and new clutch, computer has been tricked to run quite lean and itís pretty much ready for cold air and supercharging.

    Also I have a 2002 verada I picked up for $500 in mint condition besides a blown head gasket? Itís great for all those little extra,s the stock 2000 tj didnít come out with.

    So far Iíve put on the exec:

    -the up and over back part of the vrx exhaust as the car was that low thereís a massive dint on the bottom pipe coming off the front header, may just look into twin crossovers??

    The rear bar Iíve re-sprayed and installed with the tow bar and towing wiring and it fits and looks neat. (tows extremely well) people donít try and sit on my ass now.

    Just painted the side skirts and the rest of the vrx trims besides the front left flare which I need still (help me find one) and the front bar is going to take some work.

    Iíve also changed out the tail lights to verada ones but still need to sort something out for reverse lights as the verada ones on the boot lid are ugly,( any suggestions as I was thinking small leds maybe??)

    About to change out the suspension, was thinking of putting the king springs out of the verada as itís still solid and wonít bottom out with the body kit. Brand new front hubs, bearings and cvís in the verada also Eventually the lowered vrx stup will go in but I need to check it out thoroughly as the cars had an accident( give me a chance to make improvements also.)

    Once all this is done itís time to move onto the interior, motor

    Iíll put pics up in the next few days. Been ages since Iíve been able to work on a car and Iím loving it. Such well put together car also. Iíll never go back to a commodore.

    Feel free to send me advice and thoughts guys.

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    why on earth is this in the 380 section ?
    I am sure that any state will struggle to put on an equivalent to what MMX was, it was awesome both in the aspect of events and the social aspect after cruises,
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