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Thread: 1-80 02 VRX magna. This was her last vroom

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    Default 1-80 02 VRX magna. This was her last vroom


    when you put your foot to the floor you don't want to push the Magna computer above 80 because it will damage the transmission. I asked for help form this community got shit all. The forum sucks and broken to shit I could build a website better than this in 3 hours.

    I decided since I can't afford to get SP-III and an oil filter and an air filter and oil and transmission filter and do the work because the person who said would help failed me like every human..
    I am going to send her off in a fire of glory and if I can't have her no one will.

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    Unfortunately it's going to cost money to get that slipping fixed, at the very least a fluid change. No workshop was willing to even do that for you? Different symptom but mine in 4th was shuddering under load and a simple fluid change I did at home fixed it.

    The forum doesn't see much activity as the Magna and 380 last rolled off the line about 14 and 11 years ago respectively, and most owners have moved on. I think that there is still a Facebook page for the club though, might be worth asking for help there?
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