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Thread: TW @ 300,000 Km

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    The awd is heavier and uses more around town, usually 14.5 at least or more (especially when i drive it). But driven normally on the highway it can get down to 9.

    Best highway figures has improved about 1l/100km since the transmission was rebuilt. Less slip through the torque converter, maybe.
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    A bit of a follow up.
    The TW was in poor shape prior to the work being done. Two injectors were leaking on the test jig. The fuel rail was full of crud. The gas system was cutting out intermittently.
    My interest in fuel consumption was more to see if the combustion process was running OK.
    The general round town figure doesn't give the info I wanted.
    In the last week, I have done the Ballarat to Bacchus marsh run in each direction. One way is uphill and the other is down hill. A distance of around 58 Km.
    Up hill with a bit of a cross wind, it used 4.6 Liter over 57.8 km = 7.95 L/100Km. Down hill, in still cool conditions, it used 3.6 Litre over 58.2 Km =6.18 L/100 Km.
    This showed me that the car is running as well as could be expected. The speed was around 95+/- 3 Km and was done with cruise control. The most effficient engine speed is at the maximum torque point and I think this is about 2000 RPM. At 95 Km/hr, the engine revs was about 1900.
    This info was reassuring. The car has 300,000 Km on the clock and shows what a modern engine in good nick will do.
    Many contributors to this site say repeatedly that 'Why should I buy a new car when the current ride is going so well'. I can echo these sentiments.

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    Agreed. My TW is still driving very well. Every time I drive a new car they give the impression of being tinny and much less solid.

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