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Thread: Tyres - Hankook, Nankang or Diamondback

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shepherd View Post
    Thank you for going to that trouble. We'll probably get the smaller size to match the other pair (which have plenty of tread).
    I am happy to help if I can.

    Yes, that is the other consideration.

    It is best not to "mix".

    But I would suggest going for a "brand name" like the Bridgestone Supercat in the 185/75/14 size.

    They are not expensive, and the quality is almost guaranteed to be better than the others that you have listed.

    You probably already know this, but try to put the new tyres on the front.

    The fitting shop should be happy to do this for free if necessary.
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    Having had a look at what's available in 195/70/14, if I decided to get that size I'd probably go for the Maxxis MAP3 - mainly because I can buy this brand at a very good price. It should be a fairly good tyre, being a refinement (they say) of the MAP1, which in turn would be better than the MA1.

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