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Thread: MR Triton 8 Pin Connector

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    Default MR Triton 8 Pin Connector

    I'm looking for a part number or place that sell the second half of this 8 pin connector (In the photos)

    Its located in my MR Triton behind the blanks in the center consol. While it is 8 pin it only uses 4, One wire is an earth, one is a Dash lights, and duno what the other two are for (dont care either as i am only after the dash lighting). (Its more of a square shape with two rows of four pins)

    It seems to be common enough as i believe its also on Outlanders and other models

    Can anyone help?

    (I think I have added the pictures)


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    You'll have to upload the pictures to a hosting service and link them from there - you can't upload direct to the forum.

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