First off: 380 DB Series 3 SX

My 380 has been off the road for 18 months, it had issues with the CD stacker before I stopped using it.
But I've got it back on the road, and now it just sits there trying to load a CD.
"Error 3" - F*cked. Definitely is after I pulled it apart to get the CD's out.
Just the rear of the stacker is back in so I can run the radio all hidden by the facia.

I've looked at facias online but there seems to be 2 different models and neither say compatible with mine, but that can be down to a tiny plastic clip not fitting.

Aeropro Single/Double Din kit 997012
Aeropro Single/Double Din kit 997013

I think I need the 997012 so the A/C controls can be refitted, but everything else should be fine? It does say compatible with 2004, does that mean I need the other model fascia for a 2007?

I'm also unsure on the plugs, if I can get some Mitsubishi to ISO cables and vice versa they should adapt and not need much fiddling around.
There's the antenna cable, a big multipin plug and then a smaller multipin, I'm assuming the smaller one is for steering wheel controls?
I also have a parrot system installed with the call start and end buttons near the traction control and fog lamp buttons. Is that integrated into the plugs that are in the original stacker/head unit? I'm assuming the parrot system was installed as a factory option by the first owner.

Lastly, any suggestions on head units? I like the idea of a double din, but there's a microprocessor shortage so there's bugger all at the moment. Airplay would be nice but not essential, so long as I can play some music that's not listening to idiots on the radio I'm happy.
If anyone has any head unit suggestions has anyone used the mirroring of Google Maps on an iPhone to the head unit? Apple maps does it, but likely because it's native. Mirroring should mirror whatever but haven't found any info about it yet.

Happy for any advice and/or confirmation of parts used with part numbers so I don't end up buying the wrong thing online.