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Thread: November 380 Sales

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    The Prius is smaller, can be uncomfortable, are very expensive initially, and...

    Due to the batteries etc. that need replacing the running cost is almost the same as a 380 . Its not that enviromental either, might save on fuel but the batteries aren't exactly eco-friendly!

    And this is not taking into account other parts that may fail or crashes

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    And the Prius isn't that economical. According to Jeremy Clarkson a Prius on a standard suburban/highway/city run won't even do as good as a 1.4 diesel engine in economy.

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    the pirus is an ugly sack of crap,

    can't people just go outside of holden and ford, for once, honestly, althought i have heard from most people that the new holden is one very refined peice of equipment, will be interesting to see when my dad gets his new caprice in january

    i want the 380 tmr or what ever it was called, cause that looked good, anyone know any more news weither that is closer to coming off the production line?
    hehehe going to join the blue force

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