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Thread: Door trim removal????

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    Hey there just woundering if anyone can provide me with a detailed diagram of how to remove n replace a TR (non power window) door trim, gotta fix the door handle opener thino!!!!

    Cheers Jono

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    its pretty simple.
    i dont have any pictures but there about a half dozen screws which need removing with a few being under plugs and such. then take of the window winder with a small screwdriver by removing the pin which is underneath it. then just lift the whole cover up but be careful about the door handle. It has to be pushed through the whole in the door cover.

    Its a bit strange when you do it for the first time but after that you get so used to it that you can have the door cover off within seconds.

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    Hey thanks for the tips, just had a closer look then, i actualy dont have to remove the whole trim, just gotta buy a new inside door opener, phew . Crapy plastic bit broke on it!!!

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    I wrote this out a little while ago...I'll see if I can find it for you

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    Here you go:

    Just confirm you have done all this:

    Two screws on the side of the card

    Three screws on the part under the mirror where the dash meets the card when the door is closed

    One screw in the door handle, remove the handle

    One screw underneath the armrest

    One screw in the armrest, behind the plug

    One screw behind the handle in the armrest covered with a clip

    Remove the clip around the door lock (top of card, nearest to the middle pillar)

    Remove winder

    And thats it.

    You just pull out the bottom plugs and then grab the handle of the armrest and pull the card up, I pull it from the back first, ie: side closest to the B pillar

    And it should just pop up and then carefully pull the rest of it out.

    There is also at riangular bit that covers the mirror nuts, remove the small cover, remove 1 8mm nut and the cover will come off. This is important in order for the door trim to clear the cover.

    Quoted from this thread:

    Also...this is for the front doors.

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    When doing this, undo the screw in the middle of the handle, slide it forward and you will have access to the control rod clip and then it will come free from the door, it will not fit through the hole very well with out damage
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