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Thread: Con rod bearing size

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    Default Con rod bearing size

    I orderd a set of conrod bearings to suit Magna 6G74 received RB 1180 .
    These bearing shells measure approx 15.1 mm wide where as the ones of the car measure
    20.7 wide. This car has had a late model new short motor fitted. Has anyone struck this before.

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    All I can tell you is that this is what ACL quotes as the specs.

    Conrod Bearing Set 6B1180
    Oversize STD, .25, .50, .75, 1.00
    Brand ACL Duraglide
    Manufacturer ACL
    Conrod Bearing (c) 1180
    Half Type Identical Halves
    OE Part Number 1 MD311930
    Manufacturer ACL
    Min Std Shaft Size 2.1646in / 54.982mm
    Max Std Shaft Size 2.1654in / 55mm
    Min Std Tunnel Size 2.2835in / 58mm
    Max Std Tunnel Size 2.2842in / 58.018mm
    Max Wall At Crown 0.0589in / 1.495mm
    Max Overall Length 0.6102in / 15.5mm
    Min Vertical Oil Clearance 0in / 0mm
    Max Vertical Oil Clearance 0in / 0mm
    Material F780

    The OEM Numbers for the 6G74 & the (3.8L)6G75 are the same . They are MD311928,MD311929,MD311930,MD311931,MD311932 and this would allow for variation in journal diameter sizes.
    Note One of these numbers matches the OEM number ACL quotes.

    I wonder where your block / crank came from or whether it was modified?

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