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Thread: iPhone/iPod Integration with 380 Stereo

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    Default iPhone/iPod Integration with 380 Stereo

    Have been reading pretty much every thread I could find on this topic. I still have a few lingering questions.

    What model is the SatNav that Mitsubishi are currently using? I know that the one they brought out originally with the 380 is outdated and they have replaced it, but I'm not sure what it was replaced with. If someone was to replace their factory headunit with this newer SatNav, would it still result in the Comm Error? Would steering wheel controls still work? Does this replacement have AUX input or iPhone/iPod integration standard?

    Comm Error
    Is there any known way to clear the comm error that will come up on the MFD (MUT-III possibly)? Does anyone have a photo of the Comm Error so people know what they may have to stare at every day if they do decide to change something?

    Replacement Headunit
    If a person does decide to replace their headunit (in car with 6-stackers) what is the part number for the ES model so they can get the double-DIN surround? What replacement headunits integrate with the steering wheel controls?

    iPhone/iPod connection kit
    The connection kit that people are currently using will only support playlists. Is there any way to change this adapter so it gives full integration with the iPhone/iPod?

    I am thinking that once I find the answers to these questions, I will compile them and edit this post with as much information as possible about replacing headunits, iPhone/iPod integration, etc, etc and we can then link this in the encyclopedia. So constructive answers would be awesome and let's try and keep this thread chatter free
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    Unsure what model Mitsubishi use. I've replaced my six stacker with the Eclipse AVN 827GA and I get the Com error. I know Foozrcool wired the factory six stacker into the boot to avoid the Com error. This particular Eclipse unit comes with steering wheel controls, and all of them work on mine except for Volume Down, which Eclipse are apparently working on a software flash for.

    Com Error

    Not sure if you can clear the Com error. Here's a photo of what it looks like...

    Replacement Headunit

    Don't have the part number, sorry. The guys who did my install ordered it for me.

    Unsure on the iPhone/iPod question either.
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