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Thread: Help! Car jerking at stop lights and accelerating.

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    Default Help! Car jerking at stop lights and accelerating.

    Hi all, I drive a 1997 Mitsubishi Magna TF. This problem has started to surface just recently. I bought the car 4 months ago and for a period everything was running fine. After a couple of weeks the car started to jerk/jolt/hiccup whenever I stop at the stop lights and accelerating at low revs. (Below 2000rpms). Once I hit above 2000rpms the jerking would stop and would drive normally.

    I brought it to a mechanic to see what was the problem but he could not diagnose it. The only thing that was obvious to him was a bloated radiator top hose that was looking like it was ready to burst. Nonetheless, I changed the top hose along with the spark plugs for good measure. The problem went away for a period and everything was fine.

    2 weeks ago the problem surfaced itself again. And only 2 days ago, the coolant in my radiator went dry and my engine was overheating. So I topped up some coolant and the engine runs normally again. The vehicle would only jerk on Drive and Reverse. No jerking on neutral or park. Revving the engine on neutral does not cause any jerking as well. No white smoke from exhaust pipe.

    Its worth mentioning that I have next to zero knowledge on car repairs. So hopefully, you guys can help me solve my problems.
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